Well Played, Everyone (20 Pics)

These people all earn points for creativity…

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  1. I hope Wendy read that article. Jeez.

    “Ugh! Get your divorced poor person cooties away from me!”

    Also, as a person with a young child, getting to temple every single week is not easy. Maybe Sad Sister could offer to make regular church easier, acknowledging that Wendy has a ton going on and could use some support. If Wendy wants to spend her limited free time at church.

    1. Yeah, the “we are all very active churchgoers” line made me puke. In Christianity, forgiveness is one the undisputed concepts of how to be a good “churchgoer”. Fucking forgiveness. What a brazen hypocrite.

  2. She goes over to her sisters house crying about being excluded and they threaten to call the cops on her! Wendy I think you are better off without that “family”.

  3. I always get a kick out of the Ask Amy write-ins that try to defend their awful behavior with “being a good church-going christian.”
    ‘I have to be in the right because God loves me!’

  4. But… what are they going to do if they don’t share the same interests?? I guess i’m on sad sister’s side.. I mean put aside the fact that she is divorced, and that she doesn’t have that much money, she doesn’t fit in there, i mean, me and my sister don’t share some interests, so i won’t be mad when she goes to, say… the beach.

    So if wendy wants to spend time with them, the right thing to do, is that Sad Sister finds something they all have in common, so wendy isn’t out of place..!

    1. The problem is that “Sad Sister” repeatedly and deliberately excluded Wendy, refused to so much as apologize for intentionally hurting her feelings, and all but blamed her for not “fitting in.”

    2. Would your sisters trip to the beach be with other family members, that only happens once a year and considered a time to reconnect? Would your sister not invite you to the beach because you have a job, a child, no husband, and don’t go to church as often? Wendy isn’t trying to make them change what they’re doing, she just wants to be part of it. The sad sister probably would’ve come across more sympathetic and less of an inclusive ass if she would’ve just said they don’t like Wendy and never speak to her any other time anyway. Instead she basically says she excludes her because she doesn’t match a required percentage of interests to join in on her elitist weekend. But, she has “helped” Wendy, so that makes everything cool I guess.

      1. Also, how is she going to complain about how Wendy barely speaks to her now in one line, then in the very next line say that Wendy needs to find a different group of people to go live life with?

    3. My sister didn’t invite me to her hen party, her reasoning was ‘they were all going away for a weekend and thought I wouldn’t enjoy it because I’m disabled’. Firstly, I only have a bit of limitation on walking and where they were staying had plenty to do that didn’t require it. Secondly, she invited the rest of the family including my mother who has some physical limitations too.
      I was majorly offended and still am (even though her marriage has just ended in divorce). To not even be invited is massively rude.

  5. #10 reminds me of that tweet ‘im sorry i spilled salsa on your baby and im extra sorry i scraped it off with a chip’

  6. Sorry, your four year old is not a genius.

    There is a clearly longer line splitting the paper in two, as well as one on the top and bottom.

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