18 Pictures Taken at Just the Right Angle

The photographers all caught the perfect moment…

15 responses to 18 Pictures Taken at Just the Right Angle

  1. I don’t get the third-to-last one – man holding his baby so it can see a model train?

    I also don’t get the one with the girl drinking in the foreground and the really fat guy in the background. What am I supposed to be looking for?

    1. Looks like he’s dangling baby over a wall at first glimpse.

      As to the girl, looks like she has a cigarette in her mouth.

    1. The guy at the desk looks like he’s wet himself because of the shadows of the classroom reflected by the desk.

      I don’t get the construction worker one either.

    2. Desk guy has a reflection of a desk that looks like he wet himself and I don’t get the construction workers either

    3. The blue “cherry picker” basket holding the top two guys looks like it’s resting directly on its base. However, the guys are on the near side of the elevated track and the base is on the other side, way down on the ground. The basket and base are lined up so that you don’t see the extended arm connecting them.

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