The 28 Funniest Notes Ever Left by Parents

These parents all found a fun way to communicate with their kids… [via 22words]

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  1. Anyone else notice that “This is not a note to remind you that I love you, we just have no napkins left” was typed up in a nice handwriting font? Either Mom’s a graphic designer with a lot of time on her hands or someone that’s not very funny photoshopped it.

      1. It isn’t handwriting. Look very closely. It’s typed. The kerning is exactly the same for the letters and the l’s have the same weird bump halfway down. Definitely typed.

        1. Oh good grief, it’s hand- written! Have you not ever been writing on something that makes it hard to make turns in your writing? Sharpie on plastic is THE PREFECT example. Since you are so observant on the kerning, I thought you would’ve noticed that all of the O’s & M’s are different from each other!!!

          1. It’s absolutely a font. Start with the n’s, a’s and h’s. There’s a bit of distortion in a few places but this note was not written by hand.

          2. It’s fake.

            All the tiny errors on the individual letters are on all the same letters. It’s a font.

            Also, the curve of the text is going in the wrong direction.

          3. No, all the o’s are identical. It looks to me like the paper is real, and someone typed that up in Photoshop and did that formatting trick with the text to get it to bend slightly, to align with the paper, which would account for the extremely slight difference in the top and bottom lowercase m, but they didn’t do it properly enough so it doesn’t look quite convincing.

    1. Yeah, how could you leave that part out?

      For the uninformed: Meatloaf is the name of the family cat, and there’s a picture of the cat with a $20 between its paws.

  2. I’ve seen the “Earn 500 points to get un-grounded” one on Tumblr before. I recall a specific comment that joked about applying our video game skills and just grinding low-score-but-easy tasks. Water the house plants or vacuum the bench by the window 50 times.

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