12 Hilarious Tinder Text Conversations

Navigating the online dating world can be difficult, as these Tinder text conversations attest…



15 responses to 12 Hilarious Tinder Text Conversations

    1. Can we go ONE post without some asshole pretending humour of objective, and that because they personally didn’t enjoy the post, that it shouldn’t have been made at all?

      1. WHOA there, Tiger. Coupla deep breaths. In with the good, out with the bad… couple more. OK.

        Now, WTF does “pretending humor of objective” mean? If you insist on being outraged about teeny tiny petty things, could you maybe make a modicum of sense? thx.

        1. Speaking of being outraged over teeny tiny petty things, it’s pretty clear that “of” was meant to be “is”. Easily attributed to autocorrect.

          Use your head and do your best not to miss the point of what they’re saying because of such a small error. No one likes a pedant.

  1. Ok. I am drunk enough that I just spent 5 minutes laughing at a dog peeing in the ocean and this didn’t make me laugh at all.

  2. Whoever the hell thinks that the natural way one would assume Cakie is pronounced is ‘cake’ needs a reality check.

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