Meet Herman the Cat With the Enormous Eyes

Herman is an exotic shorthair that was born in February 2016. As you can see, his eyes are abnormally large, and so is his adorableness. Follow Herman on Instagram for more. [via huffpo]

14 responses to Meet Herman the Cat With the Enormous Eyes

  1. Not adorable at all. He is grotesque. The result of human manipulation of breeding to achieve a “look” that for some reason pleases some people, but is TERRIBLE for the animal. This cat has a smashed-in nose, meaning he lacks the normal sinuses that capture pollutants and keep them out of the lungs. Probably, like any animal bred for this particular (awful) look, he snores and has difficulty breathing in hot weather.

    The face is too small for the eyes, and I’m sure that vets have warned his humans that the eyes could pop out. No, I’m not kidding.

    It’s cruel, selfish and stupid to breed animals like this.

    1. Came to say this but you said it all already. I’m really tired of pages like this continuing to attempt to make gross deformaties something desireable and cute to people.

  2. He’s not “cute”, he’s deformed. Squashed face, Marty Feldman eyes, probably a reduced lifespan because of these breeding induced deformations Sad.

  3. Yeah, and it’s also a result of breeding the cats with their siblings or a related cat, this breed, exotic short hair, usually has a longer muzzle, and smaller eyes.

  4. In addition to my comment, their short snout is also the reason many of these types of cats stick their tongue out and open their mouth, it’s not because it’s cute or the cat’s just weird, it’s so it can breath.

  5. Well, hopefully Herman’s been fixed so we won’t have to worry about any additional breeding issues, but regardless, he’s a kitteh and he needs to be loved and have a great home, and looks like he has exactly that.

    So yes, cute.

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