15 Hilarious Gymnast Faces From the 2016 Olympics

It takes a ton of skill and concentration to become a world-class gymnast. Here are a few of the sharp looks of extreme determination caught at the Rio Olympics… [via dailymail]

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  1. These are mean spirited photos of people performing at an elite level solely meant to make fun of them. What the hell is wrong with people that the first thing we try to do is show unflattering pictures of people? Do you expect them not to grimace when performing extreme feats of strength and balance. Shame on you pj. This was a mean spirited post by you Jeff. Not funny, not interesting, just mean and not cool.

      1. I was thinking the same thing… I think there maybe a medical procedure for removing that stick from someone’s (Itwasn’tme) backside…

        Respects to the gymnasts! They’re simply tops in my book. As for the post – No harm – No foul. It was all done in good spirit I’m sure. Kudos to the photographers that captured these great shots!

        1. I was thinking “wow, if a sport requires your toes to be pointed rigid, that ALL of you be rigid and controlled, including your face, what a tremendous effort!” I find those faces inspiring and a little hilarious.

        2. They aren’t mocking them. Believe it or not, most people are actually capable of understanding that these are faces made during extreme exertion and concentration. But looking at them under the context as if they were just normal is funny because it’s so unexpected.

          Nobody here is mocking the gymnasts, but you taking offense to it is probably more insulting and patronizing to them than anything we said or chuckled at. Grow up.

    1. Wow…that’s a lot of venom for something that is pretty much a non issue. I’d hate to see if it was something of importance. Lighten up.

          1. Hmm? Going back to “you are” parents is better than using the possessive pronoun?

          2. your*. Go back to the Grammar Police Academy and learn the difference between a contraction and a possessive pronoun.

          3. I believe Grammar Police was referring to the SECOND usage of “your” by Itwasn’tme. Good try though. Reading is hard.

        1. So making fun of gymnast –> not okay.

          Making fun of fast food employees –> okay.

          So you’re an elitist!

          You know who else works at fast food places?

          The mentally and emotionally handicapped.

          So, you hate mentally and emotionally handicapped people?


    2. You might want to up your meds. People make funny faces. Athletes make funny faces when they are doing athletics. And we laugh about it. Get over yourself as this is the most unoffensive thing ever.

    3. Calm down, we’re just laughing at the shared human experience of making weird faces when we exert ourselves. No one is pretending they don’t do the same thing, and no one is thinking any less of these people because they do. Should we pretend that everyone looks stoic and cool while performing athleticism?

  2. You are all pathetic morons who love to mock people to make yourselves feel better. How pathetically special you all are.

    1. What does that make you for visiting the site to mock people that mock people to make themselves feel better to make yourself feel better…. 🙂

    2. Either you’re a troll or a moron yourself. No one is mocking these gymnasts. There’s a big difference between laughing at someone making a funny face and laughing at someone who has a ‘funny’ face.

    3. For that to be true, we would all have to be under the impression that we don’t make silly faces when we exert ourselves. No one is pretending they don’t, this is just laughing at a shared human experience.

  3. Yeah, dude, I play soccer, basketball, lacrosse, and I used to do a bunch of other sports. Guess what? People took pictures, sometimes I was in them, and yeah, I had made a bunch of stupid faces, people laughed at the pictures and I laughed along with them, it’s not a big deal, and I took no offense at people laughing at the pictures, because frankly, they were pretty funny, so you need to calm down.

  4. My track and field team likes to look at pictures that were taken during meets and see the sorts of weird faces we made. I’m pretty sure everyone who’s been photographed playing a sport has seen a picture of themselves with a ridiculous expression, and it’s all in good fun. Seriously, lighten up. Laughing does not equal bullying.

    1. Yeah, laughing isn’t bullying.

      It’s not like we said that if the guy in #12 strains any harder all of his zits are going to pop all at once.

      Or that #4 looks like the racist caricature, Mr. Yunioshi, from Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

  5. Pro-trump mockery loving crowd in full force here. Shouldn’t you all be blaming minorities and the “media” for your problems?

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