Mom Leaves Incredibly Detailed Parenting Instructions for Her Weekend Away From Home

Meghan Maza Oeser is a mother of six who lives in Illinois. Last weekend, she took a girls’ trip away from the family. In her absence, she left this helpful note for her husband. [via someecards]

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  1. hi, TL;DR, does the father ACTUALLY spent more than 1 minute with his children? This seems as if she’s handing instructions to a nanny instead of her husband.

    1. Oh hey, it’s an interdimensional traveller from a universe where humour doesn’t exist, and even documents that contain the phrase “the ULTIMATE spoon” are completely serious.

    1. And by the looks of how messy and dumpy that house looks (paint chips missing, trash bag in the middle of the floor, brrom not put away, clothes strewn all over the couch), she has no grounds on which to complain. Looks like a white trash family to me.

  2. LOL, Ralph, with SIX young children in the house, even Martha Stewart on speed wouldn’t be able to keep the paint unchipped and the house in order. And I don’t think this is being neurotic, nitpicky, or treating her husband like a boob. What it is is a pseudo-malicious*, joy-filled little screed of a woman on the brink of a break from her kids. It’s simply introducing him to the “joys” and “relaxation” of her daily life of being a mom. You’d think he’d know some of this stuff but maybe he works long hours (or a couple of jobs) to support his family of eight on his one paycheck and so generally considers his non-work hours to be his own.

    *From her one snide comment about how he made her get rid of all but two sippy cups, I get the sense that he tried to criticize the job she was doing as a full-time mom of six. This letter seems more like a “Wait until you actually LIVE my life before you judge” note. And she’ll be laughing into her pina colada with actually zero interruptions.

    1. A three year old having tantrums and bickering with her sister about stuff doesn’t equal acting out…if the four Girls described here, only Penny and Quinn are annoying. I’m not even a mom myself, but you are way too judgemental here. My nephews are seen as good kids by most, but bedtime is a drag every single time, No matter how great everything was throughout the day. But the rest of the day was still worth it. If things really weren’t going good, do you really think she’d have enough energy and humor and time left to write her husband such a silly letter?

      1. Lol. I thought Penny was three, and Quinn was older, but no, Quinn is the threenager and Penny is still a tiny baby. The two oldest, Jack and Ella, aren’t even mentioned here. She’s awesome from the Look at her Profile.

    1. Tennant free. Fuck that. If David Tennant wants in my uterus, I’ll let him.

      *tenant* you meant tenant, made all the more funny as you capitalized it as in a proper name.

      Not really a grammar nazi, I just thought the reference was funny.

  3. All I can think is why are you coddling these kids’ poor behavior? You will eat what a goddam make. end.of.story

  4. You commenters are worse than the children described in the letter. What a bunch of whiny little babies. The letter was funny. IF you don’t like it, shut up and move on. Gawd you’re all annoying.

  5. it took some google stalking but I finally found out her kids’ ages:
    Jack, 15, Ella, 12, Bailey, 9, Harper, 7, Quinn, 5, and Penny, 3,

  6. Mom’s pretty fucking arrogant and disrespectful. Unless Dad is completely absent, in which case she should be long gone already.

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