Animal Shelter Takes Dogs Out for ‘Puppuccinos’ to Help Find Them Homes

The Kitsap Humane Society in Washington has stumbled on a brilliant way to help get their dogs adopted to new homes. Each week, a staff worker named Molly takes a new dog to Starbucks and buys them a dog-friendly treat to enjoy. The pictures are then posted online to help raise awareness for each homeless pooch. Follow the KHS Instagram for more… [via bp]

14 responses to Animal Shelter Takes Dogs Out for ‘Puppuccinos’ to Help Find Them Homes

    1. That’s because they can’t afford to go to Starbucks. If they could, they’d be buying steaks or burgers instead.

  1. As a 5 year employee of Starbucks, this might be cute but you really should not feed your animals whipped cream 🙁 Not only are dogs lactose in tolerant and the whip cream can lead to constipation and stomach discomfort, Starbucks whipping cream has a lot of vanilla syrup (or whatever other kind of whip cream is promotional). This syrup is sugar, artificial flavor and additives. Please do not think of this is a good idea for a treat!

  2. Thank you for bringing that to the attention of the people who see this,if you don’t want them,please don’t Harm them, you have a hold. I don’t want to purchase a sick dog,if this is harmful Please Stop!!!!!

  3. Don’t adopt an adult pet, they won’t love you as much as their true owner who they think about every day. Also it’s better to have memories of your pet growing up, not “remember how I was a cuckold and paid for some other persons dogs medical bills?”

    1. Wow. I’ve only ever adopted adult dogs from the shelter. First of all, any puppies available are scooped right up, so they don’t languish waiting for a home. Second of all, adult dogs are usually already house trained! Of course, puppy or adult dog, shelter adoption is the best way to go!

      Do you really think that after a dog, after having been given up by their previous owner, isn’t going to be thrilled to be rescued?!

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