22 Pictures That Prove the World is Full of Jerks

There is no shortage of terrible people in the world, and these pictures are here to prove it… [via guff]

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  1. The piece of shit with the pickup in the handicapped spaces would get four flat tires and his ass beat by this cripple.

    1. I live in Portland and we have Benson Bubblers, a special kind of water fountain. The spout is always flowing and comes up from the middle, so the water is always washing out the bowl and flowing over the nozzle. A local paper tested various public fountains (in a mall, in public parks, the bubblers) and the bubblers, easily the most public fountains, were found to be the cleanest. I have seen homeless folks wash all sorts of things in those.

  2. I’ll never understand why people who do not work in the construction business, live on a farm or even work with horses or agriculture, need such big a$$ pick-up trucks. Overcompensating douche-baggery will get you nowhere.

    1. Well, if you’re an absolutely shittastic driver I can see the justification for buying a Hilux (which I think is the model in the picture? I may be wrong though). On the other hand, if you’re that much of a shittastic driver that you need a nigh-indestructible truck in order to save on repair bills you probably shouldn’t have a license.

    2. I’m definitely not in any of those industries, and I own a F250 with an extended cab. I use it to tow my 5th wheel camping trailer. But that’s probably only 3-4 times a year. it’s not overcompensating, it’s just owning.

      But the guy is a douche bag for parking like that

    3. Because others businesses use trucks also. I pull a 9000 lb trailer for my business and I don’t work in any of the fields you mentioned. I don’t tow the trailer daily, but enough to have to own a big ass truck.

  3. The guy who pushed the girl in the pool was such an asshole, wtf she wasn’t fucking hurting anyone, and fuck the people who encouraged him like HE wasn’t on his phone to check his twitter

      1. A friend and I did this to an adult in our lab. We used packing sponges and shaving cream. However, once we got done laughing, we pulled out a real cake and had a good time!

  4. What moron apparently accidentally baked their iphone in a pie? Not only should you notice that there’s something not pie-filling consistency in the pie mix while you’re assembling it, that pie isn’t big enough. They should’ve seen their phone was in the pie. Either that person did that on purpose, or they’re so stupid they shouldn’t have access to ovens.

  5. Regarding the 10 items only line pic, I just want to say if the cashier doesn’t see anyone in line, it’s late at night and it’s the only aisle open, I wouldn’t get that upset if someone had more than ten items going through that lane. Also, the pic only has about 20 or so items, like get a grip it’s not like a law.

    1. It is never ok to use the express for 20 items. If that doesn’t upset you, you probably only grocery shop once a month.

      1. i seriously doubt those 5 extra cans are that difficult to scan through. If you’re that impatient that you have to take a picture and post it online to basically cyberbully someone shopping, it’s basically showing that the photographer’s the real jerk.

    2. I work as a cashier and its pretty rude to bring 30 items into a 15 or less lane then have someone with 2 items come up and have to wait. They wouldn’t have an express lane open at night, because the purpose of it is to get customers with small orders out quickly without having to wait behind people with $300 worth of groceries. Customers always say to me “well there’s no one in your line”, then 30 seconds into their order a customer who actually has 15 items or less comes up and gets pissed. And the photographer isn’t the jerk, I’ve had customers ask me if they could come into my express lane, and I politely say “I’m express, you have too many items sorry” then they say “I’m coming in your line anyway”, those people are jerks. There’s a reason for express lanes.

      1. To be fair, the photo doesn’t show if any other lines are open. At our local grocery, most of the time the express lane is the only one that’s even open, so it’s literally your only choice.

        The other day I had a cashier give me crap for having seven items and he said “Express lane is 6 items or less!” I pointed out that it wasn’t an express lane and he got super embarrassed and said he normally only ever worked the express register and he’d forgotten he was running a regular one that day.

      2. I never go into an express lane if I have more items than allowed, but I have been directed to express lanes before by grocery store personnel. When the store is really busy, sometimes they find customers with like 20 or 25 items and tell them to go thru the 15-20 item express lane instead of clogging up the regular lanes, to speed it up. I always feel like someone will get behind me and then judge me for it, but I’m following direction! Not intentional jerk-itude!

  6. Every single one of these has made me mad. I feel the need to punch somebody now so I can calm down. I think the school related ones pissed me off more because back in high school, I had to go with some real shitty people…

  7. Thing is at my Walmart the express line is the ONLY line in the store that you can buy cigarettes at. So if that’s what you want on top off all your other shopping you have no choice but to go there. I personally think it’s so stupid they have it that way but they certainly won’t change it.

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