Dads vs. Moms: Going Out in Public When You’re a Parent

These illustrations from Babble perfectly sum up the unfortunate differences between being a mother and father…

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    1. I’m not quite sure what your point is, but rest assured — those “dumb dad” commercials (or, in reference to another comment, the “daddy babysitting” remarks) piss off plenty of moms too. There’s nothing about men that makes them inherently unable to operate a washing machine or diaper an infant…just as there’s no valid reason whatsoever that a woman can’t manage a department with 50 employees or negotiate a business deal.

    2. dont these people see the hipocrisy on the fact that making this post is totally acceptable, but when you, a dad, complain you`re just being a crybaby?

      1. It’s not hypocracy for the slaves to call the pharaoh an asshole when he’s complaining about how hard building the pyramids.
        Equality doesn’t mean everyone has a right to complain, it means that for *once* let us have a chance to complain and be heard, without making it about you.

  1. I’m a father of three….this is pretty spot on. It frustrates me when people comment like that when I go grocery shopping or have the kids at the park like “Aww…is daddy babysitting today?” – No, I’m their father, not their babysitter, I should be with them at the store and park. That being said, it’s better than being their mother and getting shamed while out with the kids.

    1. My wife had a pretty difficult pregnancy and post-natal time, so I would help out whenever I could. I generally do all cooking anyway (because I enjoy it) and therefore the grocery shopping as well, so I would just take my son with me to give her a break. It was 5 years ago now but the comment I remember most from that time is when a random guy that said to me in the supermarket “Grocery shopping and looking after the kid?!? You must have really done something wrong!”

      Heaven forbid I should actually want to spend time with my new son and help my wife…

  2. I love the absolute piles of delusion that must have gone into thinking that men have a easier time being a parent than a women in society.

    Want to go through the list of injustices for men when it comes to rearing a child?

    1) Women win kids in custody disputes by default, even when she’s clearly less fit.

    2) Men are always assumed to be the abuser in every situation, despite that there’s overwhelming evidence that abuse is equally men and women, but women get away with it way, way, way more.

    3) Men are often assumed an abuser even when there is no situation. There are TONS of blogs that call all men rapists and child molesters.

    4) The negative stereotypes of men being incompetent at raising kids. Yes, “dumb dads” is a thing and it’s so fucking old.

    5) Workplace discrimination in teaching and child care for men is rampant and out of control.

    1. Actually, bias against father’s in divorce court is a myth. Only about 4% of custody cases go to trial—most of the time, custody is decided by the parents without any influence from the legal system ( Furthermore, studies have shown that when fathers ask for custody, they usually get it (

          1. Hurr durr, yea like everybody doesn’t already know what fag means. A genius in your own mind, in reality a massive faggot :3

  3. Yeah, sorry, but most of these are utter BS. In my experience, if I, as a father, am supervising playground time and was on my phone, I’d be raked over the coals by any parent (man or woman) watching. And guys do like to talk about our kids a lot too, not just sports, ffs. When I’m out with the kid (one kid, mind you), I am often treated as:

    -a “good daddy” unicorn who is spectacular for doing the most basic of parenting tasks, or
    -an incompetent who is doing well by sheer, dumb luck, or
    -a moron who is about to do something wrong, or
    -an idiot who is doing something wrong

    as often as I am treated as a dad who, like many dads, knows what the hell he is doing. Moms certainly have it tougher, but damn do dads still get subjected to the “dumb dad” crap. This cartoonist needs to get with the times.

    1. I just want you to know that I as a feminist think this is bullshit for you as well. I think it is harmful for either gender, not just one in spite of the other. Although sometimes these kinds of posts can feel like derailing.

      1. Derailing?

        Derailing from what?

        He’s making a comment about what the cartoon is talking about.

        But sorry, I guess “derailing” means talking about anything that isn’t your agenda.

        Fortunately for me I could give a fuck what you think because I spend my time building rather than trying to tear everything down.

        Oh, women are represented the way you like in games/movies/TV/comics?

        Go make your own then, stop telling others what they should be making.

  4. Except most of the time when a single dad goes to the park with his kids, it’s more like “Is that guy a pedophile? Is he kidnapping those children?”

    Maybe mom just surrounds herself with shittier people than dad does.

  5. pleated jeans:
    you want entertainment,
    you’ll settle for a chuckle here and there,
    you’ll get a parade of incessant posts of #everythingsaproblem

  6. As a childfree female who gets the, “You’ll change your mind,” canard thrown at her once a quarter, I must say it’s better than the constant judgement ALL parents get.

  7. Yes, hello, waiter? I’m afraid I’m going to have to send this comment section back. It’s far too salty for me.

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