Pet Raccoon Gets a Haircut That Looks Like a Giant Paw Print

Uni the raccoon lives in Taiwan. Once a year, he gets an annual check-up and a shave. This year’s hairdo is a giant paw print. Follow Uni on Facebook for more… [via mymodernmet]

14 responses to Pet Raccoon Gets a Haircut That Looks Like a Giant Paw Print

  1. Who the fuck has a pet raccoon? If they’re “pets”, I’ve got about a dozen of them bitches. Animal control can come bust my ass since I ain’t been feeding them. They just dig through my trash every night.
    Next yall be saying opossums be pets too, you dumb fucks

    1. It’s legal here (South Carolina). They are bred as pets.

      This is an albino one, it’s really really rare!! No wonder it’s a pet! I’ve seen one in the wild once. 😀 Should have caught him…

        1. Albinism only makes you pure white with pink eyes if you’re a rodent. For example, humans with albinism are simply very pale and super light blonde with purple eyes. Genetically speaking, if raccoons are bred there, blonde raccoons might be common, such as the case with black foxes.

    2. Translation: “Everyone who does anything I don’t do is stupid”

      And besides, it’s hard to make an argument that there are species that are entirely anything. I mean humans are supposed to be intelligent, yet this comment exists.

  2. Bad enough having a raccoon as a pet but to then shave shapes into its fur! Good grief! Its fur is there for a reason. Leave it alone! If a person doesn’t think animals are cute as they are, he/she is not mature enough to have a pet.

    1. I dunno a lot about raccoons, but if they’re somewhere warmer than raccoons usually are, maybe it’s a “summer cut”?

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