15 Twitter Jokes Everyone Should Read

Plug your eyeballs into this list of electric tweets.

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  1. Like these. I have a bird who can’t fly (abused by the previous owner’s demon child) and she loves swings.

    1. I have birds who CAN fly and four of them really love to swing. One of them sleeps on the swing sometimes.

      I’m sorry about your poor abused bird. 🙁 I’m glad it’s presumably in a better home with you!

      1. There are two flighted birds in my household and one loves swings too.

        She seems happy. I have lot of experience with parrots and I absolutely adore her.

  2. I don’t believe Siobhan has ever tried anything equestrian. Someone could just as easily argue running is easy. ….I mean kids do it! I’m not arguing that running isn’t difficult at an Olympic level, btw, just trying to make a point as dumb as hers.

    1. I think she’s saying that the horses should get the medals.

      Without a doubt, equestrian is very difficult. In most of the events, only the human is doing the work. In equestrian, there are two creatures.

    2. Regarding dressage, it may be difficult to do, but so is juggling or doing tricks with a yo-yo. That doesn’t mean it should be an Olympic sport.

  3. There needs to be freestyle dog frisbee in the olympics. And rat mazes. And falconing. You know, more animals and less humans, because you know, “Olympics!”

  4. There was a case where a prisoner saw his prison key, stole a different key and carved that key (from memory) to fit his prison cell and he escaped.

  5. Violent video games are turning kids violent!

    We didn’t do such thing when I was a kid.

    Instead we did wholesome things!

    Like hunting small animals!

    Skinning small animals!

    Or beating up the queer kid!

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