Hate Mail: Anti-Greeting Cards for Your Enemies (15 Pics)

These cards from the Hate Mail shop are here to help you send the perfect message to people you don’t like. Buy them here. [via ufunk]

17 responses to Hate Mail: Anti-Greeting Cards for Your Enemies (15 Pics)

  1. Who has enemies once their age goes into double figures? Why would anyone spend money on someone they didn’t like? Petty, childish, annoying and about as funny as a kick between the legs.

    1. Some people don’t have enemies, but instead have something known as a “sense of humor,” which allows them to think these cards could be funny to send to a friend. You should see if you can find one to use.

    2. A person who is married to a wonderful person with a hateful, spiteful, ignorant, pain in the ass mother in law. I would send all these to her with a lighted bag of dog shit!

    3. There’s 7 billion people on this planet. You’re bound to have some assholes. And you’re bound to be forced to be around these assholes.

      And here’s the thing, none of them think they’re assholes.

      People on death row with multiple homicides all emphatically proven guilty go in there with complete denial and always talk about love in their final words.

      No one ever goes to the chair saying “Yeah, fuck those people! And fuck their families too!”

      It’s always some bullshit like “Pray for my forgiveness… Blah, blah, blah… Love… Blah, blah, blah” but how much love did they have shooting and innocent unarmed person in the head?

      People are fucking despicable and we’d be better off if half of them didn’t exist.

      You can go ahead with your hippy shit and think that all people are good.

      I’ll go ahead and actually apply positive change to my environment rather than filling it with empty platitudes.

  2. I once saw a card with a picture of a dildo on it with the caption under it “Warp Speed, Captain”, inside it read something like “So you can quickly go f*ck yourself”

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