20 Pictures That We All Can Totally Relate To

All of these pictures should conjure of feelings of familiarity… [via chive]

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  1. Ihave done that at the grocery store so many times! I don’t want to be rude so I just stand there, like I’m evaluating the nonfat milk. What the hell are they doing, reading the ingredients in milk? Freaking move!!!

    1. Same!
      And then if I am searching for something and I can tell someone needs that self space, I get all flustered and grab something at random and pretend I found what I was looking for and come back for the real thing when they’ve gone.

      1. that song is the worst. About a guy trying to cheat on his lady by placing an ad (awwww so old!) and then it turns out to be her and they both like pina coladas and rain… which they never knew about each other because they don’t have conversations? But it’s all okay because they were both going to cheat on each other! So romantic!

          1. You’re kidding me, right? You literally thought you were the *only* person to have this thought about that wildly popular pop song that’s been around, and been discussed, for decades? That’s is like the ONLY topic of discussion about that song. It’s all anyone has to say when that song comes up (besides how easily it gets stuck in your head).

        1. Everybody likes to forget that the lady is the one who placed the ad in the first place, the singer is actually responding to it.

          They’re undoubtedly both terrible people for placing/responding to personal ads without talking to the other person about how their relationship sucks first, but never forget – she’s the one who placed the ad, unprompted, in the paper, in the first place. He was just responding to someone he thought was his soulmate. Neither of them are great people, but I hate it when people frame it like he’s the scumbag trying to cheat on his lady when the entire song is started because of an ad SHE placed.

    1. I was just thinking about this when I got gas the other day, if other women do it. I do it because I want every last drop I can get!

    2. I was just thinking that it would be stupid if women didn’t shake it.

      There is a very good reason we shake after peeing, and that same reason applies to the gas pistol.

    3. I do it too. And my mom was the one that taught me to do it, but because she believed in getting every last drop you paid for.

    4. I just do it so I don’t accidentally get gasoline on my shoe, if I do get some on my shoe I smell gasoline for the rest of the day.

  2. Regarding chatty co-workers, I used to work in an office with a girl named Sandy, who was very chatty. I coined the phrase “getting stuck in the Sand trap” to describe running into Sandy when you’re in a hurry and she corners you.

  3. Michael Phelps eats 10,000 calories a day to keep up with his regiment.

    So it would be more like 40 chicken nuggets, loser.

    1. As the king of the oceans the shrimp have made a pack to feed their overlord in exchange for the earth after the uprising

  4. I hate the women do this and men do that crap. I know more about cars than every man i know. And i don’t care about my paint, I’m just aware that somebody probably died in the desert for that gasoline and it shouldn’t be wasted

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