Funny Pic Dump (8.29.16)


poorly drawn lines
according to devin

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    1. Incorrect. There is a simple way to open that pack. Take a thin, rigid surface, for example a steel clipboard or a plasterer’s trowel. Slide it under the black plastic. Slice the seal between the black and transparent plastic with a surgical scalpel or craft knife. Now, slide the entire array to the edge of the counter. Have a bowl ready at a marginally lower level to receive the tomatoes. As you slide the package off the counter, remove the rigid surface and catch the tomatoes in the bowl. Easy!

      1. You can peel the sticker off the top and take them that way. It covers an opening, or turn the damn thing over a take the black lid off.

        1. What is this lid nonsense? I never heard of a lid. Do explain oh commodore lid, what is the magical device? Does it cure cancer? Or give me tomatoes?
          How does one take jokes? Does commodore lid need “sarcasm” explained? How does one live? Please do continue stating the obvious sir. You are a genius among humans.

  1. Theory:

    Nixon was a massive Liberal, but Republics were/are too stupid to see through his platitudes to see his actions.

    Nixon 1) created OSHA, 2) created the EPA, 3) pulled out of Vietnam, and 4) reformed the Republican Party.

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