16 Marriage Jokes From Men on Twitter

These married men have all found a way to poke fun at the married life… [via S&U]

16 responses to 16 Marriage Jokes From Men on Twitter

  1. Everybody Loves Raymond: The Blog Post

    THAT BEING SAID… these are pretty funny. Cheese and crackers hit too close to home.

  2. I’m so disappointed.

    I was really looking forward to getting into it with someone offended by these innocuous jokes.

  3. You’re wrong Keith. Just plain wrong I tell ya! You know very well the percentage of time your wife asks you for a bit of your cracker and cheese after you’ve made it. That would be 100%. So you make a little extra Keith. Make the cover Keith. Quit being a dick Keith.

  4. The “I was just about to do that chore I see you’re starting now” quote is it. That is the perfect summation of marriage. Not necessarily the funniest, but the most accurate. Contest is over; no one else need apply.

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