24 New Shower Thoughts That Are Totally Worth Thinking About

These shower thoughts will all make you think… [via ebw]

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  1. Based on my childhood adventures, I know what’s in the forest with me. It’s a bunch of bored teenagers getting drunk and having sex. I found their condoms and beer cans.

    Still wondering why they were doing that sort of thing in the bramble patch though.

    1. What a coincidence. I also have had many adventures with teenagers getting drunk and having sex in the forest.

  2. That one about World War III is pretty ignorant.

    We can talk with Isis and the Taliban right now, but you wouldn’t dare out of fear of the repercussions from the government.

    Want to never be allowed to fly ever again?

    Go for it. See what happens.

    Personally I think that there should be a site specifically where people can engage in conversations with our enemies and vice versa. But, yeah right. Like that would fly. Like the legal system wouldn’t do everything possible to take it down immediately and punish everyone involved.

    It’s almost as if the government doesn’t want us thinking too hard on the nonstop stream of conflicts they put us in or something…

  3. My school currently has two harambe posters over the trash cans. One says “recycle for harambe” and the other says “trash out for harambe.” They also have a dat boi meme, a demonic Dora, and a doge

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