18 People Who Clearly Didn’t Think This Through

The brain is an important internal organ that some people clearly aren’t using…

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  1. The first one: “I was told to do paint the symbol so I just followed orders. I just work here.”
    The birthday one was clearly a joke.
    The peephole: Most people have curtains on their windows and if you pull back the curtain then people can see you are looking out. The safest way to see without being seen is a hole.
    The shopping center was clearly remodeled from a large store in to a lot of little shops. They had to make the sign fit as best they could.

    1. The first one has nothing to do with the painted symbol but rather the clear hazard of the grating in the bike lane.
      I find no evidence of humour in the birthday card. It’s just odd.
      Curtains over the windows of the door will also cover the peephole due to the proximity of the hole to the windows and because the windows are offset.
      Good call.

    2. Are you stupid or just trolling really badly? How in the hell is the birthday one a joke?
      Most people don’t have curtains on their DOOR windows. That’s the issue. There’s a peephole on a door that has windows on it. That’s dumb.
      The shopping center one – uh, no? Have you ever been to a shopping center?

      1. ??? I have a curtains on my door Windows, so do all my neighbors and everyone I’ve ever seen

        Whey do you want people to be able to look inside your home? Creepy!!

        1. In Australia, literally NO ONE has windows on their doors, and definitely not curtains. If you’re worried about people looking in your house, just get tinted windows or something. What would you be doing that is that private anyway? Cooking dinner? Watching TV?

    1. Yeah, I second that. Saw that in a certain rest stop somewhere in the southern U.S. The guy I was driving truck with told me the reason for it. It’s somewhat appalling that eliminating everyone’s privacy is somehow the answer to preventing the occasional gay (or other) hookup.

    2. I think the point is: if the half-door doesn’t conceal the parts of you that would be exposed when you’re going to the bathroom, and if it isn’t even a barrier to someone coming into the stall, why is it there are all? If they want to discourage sexual liaisons, they could have left the door off altogether. Stalls without doors are not unheard of. As it is, they put special effort and additional cost into installing something that serves no purpose.

    3. “WE GOT TO STOP DEM FAGGOTS! I GOT IT! Lets put a tiny door on the stall so everyone can see what you’re up to!”


  2. Have to admit, the radiator coolant one made me laugh. Some poor fool is going to pick that and possibly drink it because it’s in a can that’s designed for/to look like Soda.

      1. Yes, because when you accidentally take a sip you’ll surely down the whole can, in stead of spitting it out the moment it hits your tongue.

  3. the sign on the wall is “I want to be the person my dog thinks I am.” I guess the didn’t think it through part is using black lettering on black background?

  4. “Ofen imitated never duplicated” is also a mass produced print that was duplicated several times.

    But you don’t think about that do you?


    You only think about typos, spelling errors, and grammar.

    Whose the real idiot?

    Not me.

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