Woman Live Texts Being Stuck in Bathroom During Boss’s Bathroom Emergency

This is a bit awkward. Apparently, this woman picked an unfortunate time to go to the office bathroom… [via imgur]

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  1. This just makes me sad. Having to deal with chronic digestive issues is really miserable for most people, and strips them of their dignity. I have a cousin with IBS and it’s horrible for her.

  2. Was funny but then just got mean. It’s one thing to be amused by the awkwardness; it’s another to use it for coercion.


    Or you could be nice and ask if she needs you to get her new pants or something, really discreetly, and then maybe she’ll be grateful to you for being helpful and not spreading it around the office. I hope next time you’re caught in an embarrassing situation, someone just laughs their ass off at YOU.

  4. I’m glad I’m not the only one who found this unfunny and awful. Instead of having understanding and compassion not only do the people texting act badly, but people with “funny websites” perpetuate this behaviour. It’s awful that poor woman was probably so embarrassed and mortified and it was obviously something she couldn’t help. People need to stop being bullies and start having compassion, heaven forbid the other woman is ever in and embarrassing position beyond her control.

    Please be kind to each other

    1. we don’t know who the supervisor is, they could be someone who has poor hygiene and regularly does things like this. they could be a real scumbag.

  5. I’m pretending not to be here to preserve my boss’ privacy and dignity… so I’ll just post it all to the internet instead! LOLOLOL 😀

    Yeah, way to be a dick.

  6. I’m curious of how many people would say “that’s mean” if it was a man talking about his boss. I’m guessing a heck of a lot less.

    Men are allowed to be super assholes but women can never get away with it.

    1. Honestly, that’s kind of correct. Thinking back to Austin Powers, with that whole bathroom thing. It’s guys, it’s bathroom humor, so it’s fine- although no bathroom humor is ever that funny anyway. Issue here being that this person isn’t being funny really. Honestly, nobody who has GI issues wants to be judged, and would LOVE to not have such issues at work, male or female. Plus, I genuinely believe that both genders are good at being assholes and can get away with it. Just not when there’s a likelihood that the person they’re joking about has an illness or just happens to be sick. If your friend is really drunk and vomits all over himself, judge away it’s fine. If they’re ill and they throw up on themselves, shut your face and bring them a towel and fresh clothes.

  7. I don’t understand why all of you think this was mean, she did not point and laugh at the woman, she tried to be respectful and not create an awkward situation. She was joking about the situation to a friend, the woman never heard these jokes, she has no idea of it, her feelings on this matter are fine, she has not been hurt at all. I agree that if she had shown any or all of this to her boss she would be a mean and terrible person, but joking about an uncomfortable situation with a friend is not rude or mean.

    1. She was making jokes at someone’s expense. She could have either left quickly and pretended nothing happened it like she decided to do, stay till it was over. She didn’t have to text somebody about it, and now look, it’s all over the Internet. There are SO MANY “funny” picture sites that I’m sure this will end up on, and there’s a chance the supervisor could see it. It’s hurtful. The woman should have just shut up about it and had some compassion. Stop trying to justify bad bahaviour

      1. You still failed to answer my question, the woman she was texting about and laughing at has no idea that she did this, there are no names, and no phones numbers, there is literally zero percent chance that she will ever know that she was the star of two friends texting jokes. I could get behind the hate if there were names, or pictures, or phone numbers, but there is absolutely no chance that anyone’s feelings could get hurt here. This is the equivalent of me telling a joke to my friend about another person, who will never find out that made that joke, they don’t even know if they are supposed to be offended or not, they aren’t even aware that a joke happened.

  8. Yeah, the friend is being kind of a jackass for suggesting that the woman try to take advantage of her supervisor this way, but I don’t see anything wrong with what the woman is doing. That would be a hideously awkward situation to be in, caught between not wanting to embarrass your boss and wanting to leave immediately. I think texting a friend about would be a good way to deal with the situation and maybe get some advice (although the advice she got was mean-spirited) And seeing as though there’s no way to tell who the woman, friend or supervisor is, I don’t think there’s a chance of anyone, including the supervisor herself, knowing who this is about. Statistically, probably at least a hundred people pooped themselves the day this was posted. (Wild estimate, I have no idea how many people poop themselves on any given day) I think it’s fine that it’s on the internet.

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