24 Disgusting Vintage Meals That People Actually Ate

It’s generally good to get a little creative when you’re in the kitchen. However, there is a LIMIT and all of these vintage dishes have crossed it… [via 22words]

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    1. Way back when, refrigerators were a relatively new thing and out of financial reach for so many people that gelatin dishes were a weird-ass status symbol.

  1. This is a brief look at The Gallery Of Questionable Food. Which is funny but also gut churning. How did we survive the Cold War years?

  2. My mom used to make this Lime Jello thing with cottage cheese, pineapple and horse radish (no lie). Gross looking as all get out,but I really LOVED it. le sigh.

    1. We had that one, too. it was good. Some of these are good, people are too fussy these days. Except that lima beans ARE of the devil.

  3. Ah the 60’s and 70’s… A time of counterculture’s, an unnecessary war a weird gelatin based foods…glad I was born well after those times.

  4. The non-gelatin ones looked kind of interesting. I think Jello was really big during that time. I remember at every family gathering there were different kinds of Jello molds, it could be either salad OR dessert. I also remember the good punches made with soda and ice cream. So delicious, I don’t see punch served any more. Before everyone had a punch-bowl and matching little cups. Of course those days all the women cooked a dish, no one ever bought a bucket of chicken or whatever take outs. Everything was home made. Kind of miss that kind of style of food. It may have been unhealthy by today’s standards, but damn, it tasted GOOD.

  5. Fun fact – Molded/shaped foods were super popular with the Romans too. It was a major status symbol to have your food look like other things – other food, buildings, ships, animals, etc. The more ornate/weird it looked the better.

    The more you know…

  6. The steak pudlets are still a thing and very popular in the UK. I love them with chips (like fries but more manly) and delicious, delicious gravy.

  7. I wonder if these were designed for bored housewives who didn’t have options outside in the working world. I can’t imagine any working mother/wife today having time to create a monstrosity like this on a normal basis.

  8. As someone who grew up in the 70’s, I can tell you that things like this were already history. My guess is 40’s & 50’s.

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