18 Tattoos That Are Full of Regret

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  1. Like, I wouldn’t want it tattoo’d on my body for the rest of my existence but the artwork on the Spice Girls one is actually pretty good.

    1. Yeah, I wouldn’t want any of these tattoos, but whoever did the Paris Hilton one is a very skilled artist.

  2. I found the xanga one the worst and I’m not sure why.

    I’d love to see how some of these looked 5-10 years on, cause there sure as heck ain’t no covering some of these up.

  3. I am curious if the dark patches on the cheeks of the person with “Drake” are also some sort of tattoo?

    The list of all the concerts attended is not really that bad (maybe some questionable music choices), but commemorating concerts is kinda unique and quirky.

        1. It’s not new, the hair that’s there in/on the tattoo would’ve been shaved, so it’s at least a bit old for having the hair grow back in. The top does say maybe it’s covering a skin issue, like a burn scar or something.

          1. The hair seems very short, like it might be a weeks worth of growth, could a tattoo still be scabby after a week?

            Alternatively, do you think it’s infected?

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