19 Unfortunate Dogs Who Got the Worst Haircuts Ever

These poor pups should ask for their money back from the hairdresser… [via barkpost]

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  1. Dogs are such sweet, innocent creatures who just want to love us and look what happens to them. I hope each and every one of these dogs (except the pitbull with the lions mane on cuz that’s not his real fur) got revenge by pooping ugly diarrhea poops on their owners pillows!

    1. I’m wondering if part of them (the body shaving specifically) were for the dogs health and safety. Namely if the dogs fur gets really matted there’s no option but to shave them. You’d hope it wouldn’t get that bad, but if it does it can actually cut into their skin, and if it’s at a joint can cause mobility issues. So, while part of them are just people making their dogs look doofy, some of them may have been done in the dogs best interest.

      1. I’ve volunteered at the shelter for a long time and taken in strays as well, and sometimes you genuinely do have to shave them mostly completely and just let the fur grow back in order to fix the problems with their coat, because the alternative is hours of painful cutting and pulling that the animal just doesn’t deserve, if it even works at all. Lion and poodle cuts can be cosmetic, but they can also be to keep a dog’s extremities warm and keep un-matted fur on the dog while the rest grows in. It can look very silly, but it often serves a purpose!

        1. Some dogs should not be shaved because it damages their undercoat. Like huskies.

          Keep your husky cool by trimming the fur short and providing a paddling pool of ice or similar. Don’t walk them during the day in summer.

    1. My dog is a breed where you aren’t even supposed to use scissors on his hair. You’re supposed to hand strip it. He gets shaved and looks like an alien when he’s shaved but we have no choice since as soon as he gets any growth it mats and gives him a skin infection. He’s not as cute when he doesn’t have his hair but he’s healthy and that’s what matters.

  2. I have a long haired cat that I have to give a lion cut twice a year because she mats no matter how often I brush her. She gets really pissed for the first two days then seems to enjoy the shorter fur. Has pretty much eliminated hairballs and is much cooler during Texas summers.

  3. For the dog that looks like a donkey, you just have to shave eveything after the neck to mak it look right. The mohawk should only be on his head

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