21 Pictures That Prove You Should Never Cook While Drunk

These chefs should have all stayed off the sauce before heading into the kitchen… [via BF]

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  1. Hot cheetos and cream cheese on a bagel isn’t that unusual. Maybe not to everyone’s taste, though I like it, but not on the same level as (shudder) toothpaste on a hot dog.

    1. Ramen and eggs is one of my go-to cheap, easy meals. It’s especially tasty if you add some veggies and season it with more than the little silver packet.

  2. To 7 and 8’s credit, egg in ramen is actually pretty good! And had 8 cooked their egg a little more, i probably would’ve eaten it.

  3. My snackster sandwich press always looks like that after I use it (sober). It’s just hard to keep the cheese from oozing. It’s teflon through so it comes right off.

  4. Cooking while stoned, on the other hand, will consistently yield delicious results.

    Also, I second the egg in ramen. In fact, if you make for-real super delicious ramen, egg is a great component.

  5. How did the spaghetti catch on fire? How could that POSSIBLY happen? I’ve cooked spaghetti like that before. What happens is the part in the pot softens up after a minute or two and then the upper part of the spaghetti falls into the water. There’s no way the spaghetti could just catch on fire without someone intentionally lighting it.

    Also with real ramen dishes in Japan, they put egg in it. Apparently the egg is the best part for some people. So egg in instant ramen shouldn’t be considered so ridiculous.

    1. Looks like a gas stove, so it’s conceivable that the drunk person in question cranked the flames to the max, which rose up the side of the pot, igniting the noodles. Noodles burn surprisingly easily when they’re dry.

  6. Yea, pizza and cookies doest sound too bad really, or maybe its because I am posting this at 1 am and would literally eat anything right now.

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