16 Clever Engagement Photoshoots

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  1. I’m sure these are funny or amusing to some but after 7 years of marriage I just can’t help but hate these stupid self centered fuckwits. Just a lil bit.

        1. I agree… it just makes you want to hit them… plus i am over the ridiculous weddings and pintrest cutsie shit that makes you think people are creative but they found it on pintrest so they are not and all of this is to look cute for other people instead of for them selves… if more of these crappy millineals would donate 2 thousand of what they spend on their ridiculous weddings to their investment account then maybe they wouldn’t be so screwed financially….doesn’t matter they make their parents pay for anyhow i guess… cant tell i woke up on the wrong side of the bed huh

        2. Seriously. Self-centered? It’s a photo, who else is going to be the center? Granted, some of these are cuter or funnier than others but I don’t see any reason for such derision.

    1. I guess the cut off for finding them really obnoxious is six and a half years, as I’ve been married for six years four months, and I’m actually quite okay with these. Some are just twists on the same ones you always see- the other thing is that maybe their friends who graduated but can’t find a decent paying job designed it for them as a wedding present. I’ve known more than one person who has gifted their skills instead of money… I really hope I’m not super cranky when our 7th anniversary comes around.

    2. I really hope I’m not as bitter as you are once my seventh year anniversary rolls around. I guess they don’t call it the seven year itch for nothing. Self-centered? Well yeah. They just got engaged and these are engagement announcements? Who else would they be about? Their neighbors down the street? Jeez.

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