15 People Who Got Bad News Delivered Via Cake

Cake is typically reserved for happy celebrations, but not always… [via guff]

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  1. Being adopted isn’t bad news. (I am NOT adopted. ) I mean “Your parents wanted you so badly that they spent thousands of dollars to get you, went through tons of evaluations to make sure they were qualified to take care of you, waited months or maybe even years for you, and so now you are in a loving home where you are wanted and most definitley cared for. They picked you.” So insulting. I can feel the hate.

      1. Um. What world do you live in where adoptions are like this? Shitty people can still adopt and shitty people do adopt, all the time. I hear more stories about terrible adoptions than good stories.

        1. Are you thinking of foster homes? Adoptions are a very long process.. it often takes years. I have never heard of a bad adoption story. On the other hand, fostering children is often abused because the foster parents get money to care for the children so some people do it for the money and not to help the children. Many kids bounce from foster home to foster home, hoping to find a loving family to adopt them

  2. The “You’re Fired!” cakes are extra brutal when everyone starts eating it and you pick up a plate and the boss is all like “Security!”.

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