23 Completely Harmless Photos That Will Make You Laugh

These completely harmless pictures are 100% innocent and ready to make you smile…


18 responses to 23 Completely Harmless Photos That Will Make You Laugh

    1. It’s a post full of harmless and lighthearted pictures and you still have to make up something to be offended about. Impressive.

    2. I saw an interview with the kid. He’ll have plenty of friends. He was sincere about offering help. I bet some of his classmates take him up on it. I would!

    3. …what? What kind of world do you live in where someone finding something funny means they’re mocking whoever is involved? Do you go to stand-up comedy shows and yell at everyone for making fun of the guy telling the jokes? Do you get mad at your friends for laughing at jokes in movies because of how hard everyone who made the movie worked on it? A child being in a college class and offering to help adult students if they’re having trouble is funny, but not at the kid’s expense.

    4. When I was in college there was a 12 year old in my advanced calc class.
      I friended him right up, right away. Because I was 20 and struggling like a mofo to get through it.
      Hahn was the greatest. He tutored me all semester.
      I took him to his Prom that spring because when a 12 year old graduates high school while taking college courses, he deserves to have a great Prom.

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