15 Bizarre Things That Were Posted for Sale Online

There are some weird people on the Internet trying to sell you weird things…

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  1. Lady Bugs are actually pretty important for gardeners that don’t want to use insecticide, they’re main diet are aphids that can destroy roses and other types of flowers very easily, so I understand why you can buy them, not really bizarre.

    1. I read somewhere that Lady Bugs are the deadliest predators on Earth, if you judge how deadly an animal is by the number of kills it makes per day. I guess they really eat a lot of aphids.

  2. I always like perusing government auction sites.

    A while ago they auctioned off, I shit you not, a town for around $1,000,000.

    It was something like 80 houses, a 500 person barracks, a school, a 5 door garage, gas station, water tower, radio tower, fire house, and a bunch of other things.

    For $1,000,000.

    Fucking government, man.

  3. Chicken feet are a bit of a delicacy in China – had some deep fried when I was there a couple of months ago… Mostly bone, a little bit of meat, would not have again.

    1. It’s not even a “delicacy” tho- it’s super common
      Also, if you ate it as street food, don’t eat the street food. It’s probably loaded with nuclear waste (delicious, deep fried nuclear waste)

    2. I’ve seen people eat chicken feet in LA. Not that weird if you aren’t RACIST and you hang out with a few Chinese people.

      PS JK about the racist thing but seriously get some Chinese friends man

  4. ah, there’s something i know that the internet doesn’t — “Claw Predator Rings” are actually a fetish/SM thing for sensual play. Well, I say sensual, but it depends on how hard you scratch. So, it’s a sex toy basically

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