20 Careless People Who Have Completely Ruined Their Computers

These pictures from r/TechSupportGore are here to remind you to treat your electronics with respect…

24 responses to 20 Careless People Who Have Completely Ruined Their Computers

    1. That pink stuff looks like the sprayable packing foam, they used to use to ship CRT monitors or other things you dont want moving around in a box. Looks like someone forgot to wrap it in plastic before releasing the foam!!! Or something melted.

  1. Also, #8 is still fully functional. What is the completerly ruined part? granted that card is made to go in two slots and could have been done without cutting the case. But at least they covered the sharp edges with tape.

    begin sarcasm> Have you never done a case mod before?

    1. Yeah, #8 is just a case mod for a 2-slot serial port (note the null adapter in the first slot). I’ve Overclocked and fried many a computer by doing exactly that. (Funny when your wife calls you at work with, “You’re computer is doing weird things, the disk tray is opening and closing repeatedly, and there’s a funny smell.” Me: “Hit the breaker! Hit the breaker! Cut power from everything!”

  2. Reminds me of my mother’s computer. She was a heavy (very heavy) smoker who kept her cigarettes burning in a tray, right in front of the intake fan. When her computer eventually died and I opened it up to see what was wrong, the entire thing was covered in thick black goo.

    1. I mean this in the nicest way, but I hope your mom the inside of that computer and thought about what she’s doing to the inside of her body.

      1. That’s actually a really thoughtful analogy. I don’t include you with my following blanket statement, which was going to be this:

        Peepl r dum

  3. For the Mac laptop with Nesquik spilled across it, could they not just get some of that compressed air in a can that’s advertised as cleaning keyboards?

  4. Maybe I’m just ignorant, but the Nesquik one doesn’t look that bad…annoying to clean off, yeah, but it probably wouldn’t destroy your computer.

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