28 Extremely Satisfying Photos of Parking Lot Justice

These horrible parking jobs all got the revenge they deserved…

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  1. I’m not a driver, what’s the point of parking right near the other car when there’s room on the other side? Contact is inevitable?

    1. The point is that they parked like a douche and they parked right next to them to block them from being able to open their door.

    2. I used to do that when I had a beater car. One time I was so ds appointed the other car escaped. Our mirrors were lined up perfectly so he couldn’t back up and he had hardly any room to go forward.

  2. I don’t get what’s so bad about the four smart cars in one spot…I think that was actually pretty creative, and at best, even if they did go over the line…they’re taking up 2 spots instead of 4.

    1. I think they’re close enough to the giant truck to block the driver door (maybe). Otherwise, I agree with you that the smart car parking is pretty clever.

    2. I think it was probably not meant as a “your parking sucks” picture, but more of a size comparison picture, how four smart cars is as big as one truck.

  3. I can never understand the hate levied against a driver who parks his car far away from others and takes up two spaces to try to protect the doors. In a crowded lot, sure, he’s a douche, but some of these shots are of people who parked a long ways away and it’s the guy who crowded in on them who is a douche.
    And what are you gonna do if you have a big truck? If you park central to one spot, you overlap on both sides. Taking up two spots is actually the right thing to do.

    1. If the lot isn’t super-crowded and you park at the far end of the lot, I don’t care if you take up two spaces. However, if the lot is crowded or you are taking two spots close to the entrance, then you are a douche. If you have a truck too big to fit into a space and need to take up two spots, you should park away from the entrance.

      1. Say, hypothetically, if Jeff owns like 8 cars from running this profitable website.

        And maybe he built like heaps of empty carparks, like, maybe he bought some schools and bulldozed them or something. Stick with me here, like I think he probably actually does this and then takes photos.

        Maybe he told Mike (I think he’s new) to “do the worst park you possibly can when you come to work tomorrow, coz it’s just the two of us and no-one else works on Fridays, c’mon it will be funny. Act like you’re ths boss! (even though you’re really new here)” (so, pretend that he said that), and then (now get this) he rode his e-bike home, (and- get this), then drove his *5 cars!!* and fucking parked all around Mikes car and then took lots of photos of it and then picked the best one to put here ! That would be awesome!!!

        This would be much harder to actually do then I’m making it sound here. First of all there is the building up of trust in Mike, to make him feel enabled and free enough to actually do a really terrible park. Prior to this however, would also be the fact of (a) working hard and saving enough to buy all of these cars by Jeff (way to go!), and also (b) the cost involved in buying schools or hospitals or hospices to bulldoze and then make a carpark. Also, the costs of laying down bitumen, painting lines, guttering and drainage etc that goes into a carpark. Plus those lines looked really legit!

        And also, after he drove his car in and did his first bad park, he still would have had to climb out of HIS car (a bit like Catherine Zeta Jones in that laser movie) and then skateboard back to his ebike to ride home and then get the next car. And then he ACTUALLY DID THIS like 5 times or something.

        Unless he has a driver. Or he hired 8 ubers, that would be way cheaper and you can make them do whatever you want. That would actually be more cost-effective.

        #Jeff,read this!

    2. Well the magical thing with parking lots is you have no idea if the empty lot is going to stay empty while you’re doing your shopping. Particularly on weekends, sale days, and over the holidays, a parking lot can go from empty to full in no time.

      Plus we have no way of telling if some of these people are actually parked far away from the entrance in a mostly empty lot, or if the lot actually was empty when the other guy parked right up to “I’M FUCKING SPECIAL SO I CAN TAKE UP AS MANY SPACES AS I WANT” guy. Maybe there were actually no spaces available in the lot when that guy showed up, and he sees dickbag who needs to take up two spaces for his fucking doors, so he says “Well fuck you for taking up two spaces when there aren’t any empty spaces in this lot.”

      Also, if you want to protect your car doors, leave your car at home.

      1. Well I guess u got a great job to continue buying 40,000 dollar vehicles just so someone can leave there cart by there car cause their all to lazy to put in where belongs or it’s ok to have to try and load groceries or the other person same position and scratch the fuck out of eachothers vehicles maybe he don’t care cause he don’t have a 40,000 vehicle

    3. Yeah – I think some of these reactions are douchey. Particularly the paint one. That’s just vandalism. Also, im a wheelchair user and sometimes, in areas were there aren’t many disabled spaces, I have had to park in such a way to takes two spaces in the ‘normal’ sections. Otherwise, when I come back to my car, I won’t be able to open my car door wide enough to get my wheelchair in.

    4. What I hear is, “I’m not hurting anyone, so it’s okay if I break the social contract with impunity.”

      Your argument doesn’t have a leg to stand on. If the parking lot is full, the integrity of your precious doors has to be secondary to accommodating the rest of the population. But if the parking lot is empty and you have the option of positioning your car well away from all the other vehicles, what possible reason could there be for you to take up more than one spot?

      And as the previous commenter correctly pointed out, you have absolutely no way of knowing what state the parking lot will be in between the time you arrive and the time you leave. The very purpose of designating parking spaces is to avoid such a situation. Nobody ever has to guess about the appropriate or acceptable spacing between vehicles, because the same rules apply to everyone.

      And yes, “everyone” includes truck drivers. I regularly see F-150s and the like in parking lots in my area. They have to line up more carefully, but they definitely fit within the lines. Nobody has the right to decide that their choice of vehicle absolves them from following the rules that the rest of us abide by.

      1. Not all parking spots are created equal. Some are narrow; some are short.
        Your argument is spurious at best because the circumstances change more than you choose to admit.

  4. Never assume that just because some one is parked outside of the lines that it’s their fault.

    When someone parks outside of the lines it forces the next person to park outside of the lines. Which forces the next person to do so. Which in turn forces the next.

    So in the end, you have 10 cars that have fucked up parking jobs, but only one asshole.

    1. No. If there are 10 cars parked straddling the lines then there are 10 a-holes. I don’t care who was first. Did the first car make the remaining lines invisible? Nope.

        1. The only way it could ever be physically impossible is if the only available space is in between two cars that are double parked. The 10-cars-1-asshole example presupposes that there were 9 empty spaces just on one side of the asshole’s car, and everybody decided to just follow his example instead of writing off the partially occupied spaces and lining up their own vehicles between the next two lines. You have a choice in that situation: Either let the asshole’s behavior end with him, or help to spread chaos.

  5. Did this to my neighbor while they watched. They consistently parked on top of the line between our somewhat narrow parking spots. One day after watching them do that, and noting that my other neighbor was pretty close, I snugged up to within a half inch or so and crawled out the passenger side.

    They immediately came over and started whining about it so I told them I’d agree to pull away if they’d agree to stop parking like assholes. They hated me after that, but at least they stayed away from my car.

  6. Man, there’s something about those sports car cunts who park in between two spots that fills me with unspeakable rage. I cant think of many reasons for them to have done that other than being ostentatious arrogant piece of shit cunts. It’s the entitled “rules don’t apply to me” attitude of fuckfaces who own those cars maybe, but man, I’d love to see their precious cars being trashed

    1. You must be one of the jerks that think he’s entitled to park wherever he pleases. I think it’s funny and quite fitting.

    2. Speaking as someone who is fed up with non-disabled people taking up disabled parking bays (and if you don’t have a disabled permit you are NOT allowed to use them. No, I don’t care how ‘tired’ you are running around after your kids) I’d be well up for enacting any of these.

  7. I believe the only exception to this is if you live in one of those places where it snows and the snow covers the entire parking lot but by like 3-4pm at the end of the work day the snow mostly melts away or a plow has cleared the lot, revealing where the parking lot lines are, otherwise they are douchebags.

  8. I’ve been trying to figure out what the guy in the first pic did. Googled the sign, it says that maybe you should ask before parking on private property. Secure parking, $100 a day.

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