These Yard Signs Prove That Some Neighbors Have a Sense of Humor

Sometimes, a stroll the neighborhood results in a hearty laugh or two… [via 22words]

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      1. I’m in a different country that starts with “A” and ends in a vowel; and I actually saw a photo of Yoda advertising a garage sale. This is 100% true. Shitting you, I am not.

  1. Yeah, I hate to break it to the purported Marine but his/her 2nd Amendment rights don’t include shooting people to death for being on his lawn.

    1. Ha! Go back and read the sign. He/she did NOT say they would kill the sign stealer, they said that they would GREET them. It IS within your 2nd Amendment rights to walk around on your own property with a gun and say “Hi” to someone stealing your property.

  2. I have left wing tendencies, but I definitely hate most people who would call themselves a Democrat.

    Who steals a sign?

    Someone with absolutely no respect for other people’s right to their own opinion.

    Meanwhile, that dick-shit is the same sort of person that is quick to start a shit storm if their rights are violated.

    Fucking hypocrite.

    1. Ahem. During the Obama/Romney race, a few houses on my street had Obama signs. They were stolen. My house by the way, was also a victim of whatever sad soul thought that stealing signs would really affect the race. So perhaps you shouldn’t generalize all democrats as “hypocrites” because 1 democratic stole 1 sign 1 time. jackass. You’re the hypocrite, you hypocritical jackass. Unlike you though, I won’t assume all left wingers are so dumb. Oh the rant I could be having. Consider yourself fucking lucky I’m sparing you with this.

        1. Oh, and pointing out that people on the right do this as well doesn’t effect what I stated in any way.

          You can hate both parties you know.

          Fucking moron.

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