This Decoy Wallet for Pickpockets Drops Glitter When You Open It

A bunch of people warned me about the widespread number of pickpockets in Barcelona. So, I made this decoy wallet to carry around for my trip… [via obvious plant]

Step 1:

Step 2:

Step 3:

Step 4:

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18 responses to This Decoy Wallet for Pickpockets Drops Glitter When You Open It

  1. I need this for everyday use….not for pickpockets but because I want to be reminded every day that I’m the worst, and I need the occasional reminded of what I should be doing (dancing) and when I should be doing it (now). That and it would be amusing to drop glitter everywhere.

  2. … Are you comming to Barcelona ?!?! Visit the Laberint d’ Horta 😉

    … also, it would be better if you make the card trilingual (Catalan, our oficial language, spanish and English) “Tu eres horrible” sounds kind of mexican 😉

    Ets la pitjor persona del món, tots els conillets t’odien!

    ¡Eres la peor persona del mundo, todos los conejitos te odian!

    … actually this means ‘You are the worst person of the world’ but due to gender nouns/verbs, it would be too long if you write ‘Ets el/la pitjor”tots/totes els/les conillets/conilletes..’ or ‘Eres el/la peor’ .. you can write ‘Eres lo peor’ in spanish but it’s missing something if it’s not in a context …
    … also, only a few people would know that tune, the level of music knowledge here is the worst 😉

    1. I am second gen American. I grew up in a household the spoke “Mexican” sometimes even TexMex.
      Even uncultured swine such as ourselves would have said :¡FELICIDADES!
      ¡Eres la peor persona del mundo, todos los conejitos te odian!
      Take your classist elitist drivel and shove it up your “culo”.
      There is a reason he was warned about the thieves in Spain. Every serviceman/ woman stationed there complained about the pilfering trash. But at least you don’t sound “Mexican”.

      1. Don’t worry, since he is a racist spaniard piece of shit, he’ll just blame immigrants for Barcelona being a criminal shithole.

        Anyway, “a huevo, cabrón. España chupa vergas continuamente. “

        1. … the second I hit ‘send’ I knew somebody would feel offended … I didn’t mean to use ‘mexican’ as an insult, hence the use of a wink smilie, what I wanted to say is that I’m fed up of people confusing latin-american spanish and castillian-spanish … “a huevo, cabrón. España chupa vergas continuamente. “ is something we would never say, we’ll go something like : “¡Oh,si!¡Cabrones!¡En Mexico soys [email protected] [email protected] chupa-pollas!” See? It’s different 😉 We speak different spanish, the same way that British & American English are not the same… Obvious Plant is using a language that sounded latin american to me on that card and we don’t speak that language in here, so I corrected him, if he was going to Mexico I would not write anything .. Anyway I mainly use catalan when I speak so I don’t know that much about spanish… And Catalunya it’s not Spain so I don’t feel offended by your words, PEACE! 😉

        2. I’m Spanish. Most of the criminals in Spain are Spanish and most of the immigrants in Spain are decent people. But, for some reason, most of the pickpockets are foreigners.

          “Tu eres horrible” doesn’t sound “Mexican” to me, it sounds like someone that hasn’t learn that in Spanish we omit the subject most of the time.

          And yes, the pickpockets are a problem in large cities in Spain, especially for tourists. Probably because petty crimes are not punished with jail time.

          I live in a large spanish city and I have never been the victim of a pickpocket, or any other crime in the street. You just have to be a little bit careful and be aware of your surroundings.

          1. Hey im “mexican” and since spain pillage,ravage,plunder and forced castellan AKA spanish, Aka mexican, its safe to say “huevos pinche catalan puto”. You dont even like your own country.

  3. Make sure to keep your real wallet in your front pocket.

    I caught multiple pick pockets reaching into my back pocket when traveling in Asia.

    1. Or a mousetrap.

      Children are very good pickpockets when trained. I found a little hand in my trousers, grabbed it and it squawked loudly so I let it go. That’s the other danger – being falsely accused of accosting a child.

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