The 21 Best Notes Ever Written to the Tooth Fairy

These kids all have different tactics for communicating with the Tooth Fairy… [via 22words]

18 responses to The 21 Best Notes Ever Written to the Tooth Fairy

  1. This is cute and all, but they should taught the kids about empirical facts and scientific informations instead of shoving their innocent little brain with baseless superstitious bs and such…

    1. Sorry about that. I have a huge stick shoved up my butt. This is why I have no friends. If I had my way, everyone would be an adult immediately at birth cause no one deserves a fun and magical childhood!! (oh god how I loathe myself)

  2. Man when I was a kid, I only got a quarter for my teeth. And that was only in the 90s.

    The kid who wants the Tooth Fairy and Santa to meet up is so cute.

  3. Some of these little shits need to learn a little humility. What did you do so wrong that your child is DEMANDING money, high amounts of money in so cases, and often with no tooth for exchange? Didnt anybody else read most of these and think the kids were selfish little pricks?

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