17 Extremely Sassy Things Said by Kids

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    1. What, you don’t believe all these 4 year olds are not only humorous and sassy but also have an advanced vocabulary?

      Also the use of the word “Littles” made me so angry. I’m not sure I’d be more upset if that was a kid’s name or if that’s what that person uses instead of the word “children”.

      1. I honestly thought that was just what they called their kid. People call their kids pumpkin, princess, etc- maybe littles was just what stuck in their family.

  1. Where’s the onslaught of counter culturists who say they don’t want kids to be different, just like everyone else their age?

    Cause, you know, “Kids are dumb! I want money and a life!” but then they turn 40 and realize they’ve spent decades investing in an infinite well of nothing.

    1. Literally nothing to do with this but okay. Also, I would assume people who don’t want children probably aren’t reading posts ABOUT children.

      1. Well, yes we do, because it reminds us why we don’t want children. Negative reinforcement.
        And my investment was in my self, my friends, charities that help homeless veterans. A huge well of nothing. Huge.

        1. This. The more I read about kids, the less I want them. They’re like dogs: some are cute, and I approve of well-behaved ones that belong to other people, but they’re not for me.

          1. This! Dogs and kids – sort of all right as long as I’m not the owner and don’t have to take them home at night!

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