24 Clever Halloween Costumes That Are Absolutely Perfect

These people all deserve first prize in the costume contest…

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  1. Some of these are really freaky. And what/who are the ones in the sixth picture (below Peter Pan and his shadow) supposed to be?

    1. It’s a Skeksi (sp) from the INSANELY AWESOME Jim Henson movie “The Dark Crystal”.

      Doesn’t matter hold old you are, it’s not possible to complete your childhood without seeing “The Dark Crystal”, in its way, it’s a fantastical wonderment.

      1. That’s not a skeksis. It doesn’t even resemble one. And the girl looks nothing like Kira. You obviously didn’t see the movie since you were a child.

        1. The mistaken blurter was probably thinking of the creatures the kids ride around like horses. Can’t remember what they are called but they are kind of similar. But these are definitely NOT them.

          On a related matter, no one will ever read my helpfull and insightful comment.

  2. Is that second to last guy the boss from the Incredibles? Also, is that a child, a dog on its hind legs, or an actual raccoon as Rock Raccoon?

  3. The lady in (I think) #13, my gosh. The makeup skills there are fantastic! Love the commitment on the nails, too. Kudos to you.

  4. One of my biggest fears is having a little kid with a really impressive costume catch me off guard and end up drop kicking them.

  5. Wow, some of these are really fantastic. And I’m exceptionally jealous in light of my own lack of resources/skill. God damn, I love Halloween. I want people to think I actually ripped my face off one of these years.

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