10 Terrifying Donald Trumpkins

These Halloween pumpkins have all been carved into the likeness of Donald Trump… [via neatorama]

13 responses to 10 Terrifying Donald Trumpkins

      1. Are you seriously saying Trump deserves respect? Really? The man that mocks the disabled, attacks gold star parents because of their religion, treats women like sex objects rather than human beings, and so on and so on … deserves respect? The answer is no.

        I respect Paul Ryan, John McCain and Bill O’Reilly even though I disagree with their beliefs.

        Trump is a POS person who deserves no respect because he does not respect anyone.

      2. Not to mention that he brags that he likes to sexually assault women and former Miss Teen USA contestants (as young as 15) are saying he loved to walk in on them while they were changing.

        Yeah, he totally deserves respect.

      3. How do beliefs come into this? Unless you’re saying that mocking the disabled, mocking women, telling lies about pretty much everything and sexual assault are beliefs. In that case, you and I have vastly different definitions of “beliefs.”

        Tolerance and respect on an individual basis are earned by being a tolerable, respectable person. Trump is neither of those, and the person bit is kind of questionable too.

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