18 Heart-Warming Photos That Will Definitely Make You Smile

There’s so much good in the world, and these pictures are here to prove it… [via izs]

24 responses to 18 Heart-Warming Photos That Will Definitely Make You Smile

  1. Be careful when picking up baby goats like that, if you’re not gentle it can upset their stomachs. The same also applies to adult goats but they’re somewhat harder to pick up.

    1. Aww isn’t the self-righteous moron adorable?! A dog showing its teeth can be smiling. Please do your research before posting.

    2. An agitated dog will show its teeth in the front….. you know, where it can show them off…
      Honestly an aggressive dog will make a more of a snarl than simply showing its teeth.
      This dog is either;
      A) Smiling, which many dogs do.
      B) Breathing through the sides of his mouth (too exited to breath comfortably through his noise)
      C) Making playful noises
      D) All of the above
      Just look at the body of the dog. Is there anything else about him (body position, ears, eyes) that seems in anyway aggressive? Answer is no.

      So you can either
      A) Stop being a stupid cunt
      B) Stop being a stupid cunt
      C) Stop being a stupid cunt
      D) Stop being a stupid cunt

  2. Call me alarmist or whatever but I get nervous when large dogs mouths are so close to tiny babies faces. And the germs, ach. The rest are cute and stuff.

    1. lol dog mouths are cleaner than a human’s. I’d be more worried about getting kissing a child. Dogs are very clean animals.

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