17 Unfortunate Things Spotted in Germany

All of these German products and signs are accidentally offensive… [via BF]

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      1. Dick means thick, fat or broad. Ass means Ace. The “Fucking Hell” is from an austrian Town named “Fucking” and hell means light beer.

  1. Well, knowing that dick is German for fat or thick, depending on the meaning… but still funny when looking at it from an English-speaking POV. And whoever tranlated the F├╝hrer /Guide thing, holy shit, what kind of translator did you hire and probably pay?!
    Fucking is a real place that consistently gets their town sign stolen. Go figure. And yes, their beer is called Fucking Hell.

  2. You don’t think the “come and bang your balls against our walls” was intentional? It’s an add for squash, a game where you hit balls against a wall. Sometimes people say things like on purpose because they’re aware of the double entendre, so it’s funny.

    Also you know Dick is also a name, right? Possibly some of these things were named after someone named Dick?

  3. Dick is thick, hell is light, Fucking is the name of a town, Ass is ace, Dickmilch is thick milk, Dickhardtstrasse is Dickhardt street – probably named after someone, and muckefuck is some sort of coffee thing – the line below reads “more than just coffee.”

  4. Look, most Germans speak better English than Americans do. They are also notably more perverted. I assure you that “come and bang your balls against our walls” and GETNailed were 100 percent intentional.

  5. Chinese mistakes are much more hilarious than this…the irony of the first picture is too much. best joke of the whole set.

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