Man Sits Next to a Duck on His Plane, Live Tweets the Whole Thing

Recently, Twitter user Mark Essig was surprised to learn that an emotional support duck would be riding next to him on his flight from Charlotte to Asheville. Here are a few tweets from the adventure…

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    1. But where’s the problem? It’s clearly well behaved and not hurting anyone. I genuinely don’t understand why you’re not okay with this. Sure, the support animal system could probably due to be a little more strict, but an atypical support animal that is nonetheless very gentle and calm is not proof of that.

    1. Because it’s super easy to get a certificate for an animal to be a “companion” animal and this proves that it is out is control. People at this point are abusing the system because they are self righteous assholes.

      1. Yeah, this one guy with a duck is proof that people are abusing the system even though a companion animal has different standards than a regular service animal. It’s definitely this one guy with a duck on a domestic flight flying from two different cities in the same state who’s abusing things, and not the people who bring their dogs literally everywhere even though they mark and whine and lunge at people and make a ruckus and will poop places and their owner won’t clean up after them and you can’t say “Hey, is that even a service dog?” because that’s illegal for some reason, and they aren’t required to have any paperwork proving the dog provides some kind of service when they’re just out and about in public.

        You have to pay money to get your animal certified as a service/emotional support/companion animal and have to have documentation that you have a disability or issue that requires it.

        And I’m not sure who the self-righteous asshole is here – the guy who has some issue that means he gets use from a companion animal and he uses a duck (maybe he’s allergic to dogs, you don’t know), or the guy bitching about people abusing the system because one guy brought a duck on the plane and it seems the duck was really well-behaved?

        1. To be fair, it’s exceptionally easy to get comfort animal certification. You can buy them online after several minutes of chatting–the person granting the certificate doesn’t even have to meet with your animal in real life, depending on the source of the certificate. The companies selling these certifications tout that they’ll help you get around airline and rental security deposit fees. Some people definitely benefit from support animals, but the commerce surrounding the practice can be very shady.

  1. Settle down people. I mean, okay, this is probably just someone who got a quick support animal certification for their pet duck so they could bring it on the plane, but why is that such a bad thing? I’d bet it wasn’t shouting, crying, getting airsick, harassing the flight attendants, kicking the seat in front of it, or regaling anyone with TMI anecdotes, which would make it a better seatmate than 90% of the people I’ve been stuck on plane rides with.

      1. Bird poop is really easy to clean up, though. And I’d much rather sit on a whole plane of ducks than a plane of people. No worries about the person in front of me reclining their seat all the way back so I can’t bend over to get anything from my carry-on while the person behind me is kicking me all flight long and the person on one side of me decided half of my seat should be his and also I’ll make a fine pillow while they snore, meanwhile someone’s baby is just shrieking bloody murder and it’s 3 am and I’m about to give that child a reason to scream.

  2. Daniel is travelling tonight on a plane
    I can see the red tail lights heading for Spain
    Oh and I can see Daniel waving goodbye
    God it looks like Daniel, must be the clouds in my eyes

  3. It is awful that someone is giving this duck a sheltered life without having to find it’s own food or be out in the rain.

    If that duck could talk, I’m sure he would say he missed being outside where he could be ripped apart by a fox.

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