There Are Jerkwads Among Us (20 Pics)

Not everyone in the world is nice…

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      1. Maybe they put the mustard conspicuously close to the yellow icing cupcakes, so no-one will eat them thinking that the mustard is mixed into the icing, so the person who made the cupcakes and eat them all later.

  1. In fairness to the people in the 15 items line, I was once in the grocery store when the only two lines open were the express and one regular line. The regular line had a backup so one of the managers told me to use the express since there was no one there. In reality they should have enough lines open to handle that many people since they did not I had to use what was available. I am not saying that is what is going on it that picture but it sure is possible.

    1. Yeah, I used to work at a grocery store, and whenever all the regular lanes got backed up (esp around the holidays, big events in the area, etc.), we took anybody in the express lane.

    1. Where I live they put one of those on a major intersection that had this problem. It didn’t make the problem go away. All those tax payer dollars wasted

    2. People know where the intersection is. I hate it when people pull into the intersection when traffic is not moving, as if rules don’t apply to them.

      Also, mustard is pungent. That cupcake isn’t going to make it to your mouth without you realizing what it is. The jerk part is wasting all that food.

      And I don’t blame that singer for being sick of having a camera in his crotch.

    3. That doesn’t stop rubbish drivers in the UK either. If someone is an appalling driver they’ll put their car ANYWHERE regardless of if it blocks off the other lane.

    1. People who hold up their cell phones at a concert and obscure the performance to take pictures and footage that literally no one will ever look at are the ass holes.

  2. These pictures make me very mad. People are idiots.
    But the girl eating while on the phone deserved to be scared. Chewing with your mouth open is obnoxious.

  3. “About a month ago, I got a barcode tattoo. I thought it would be funny to ask my cashier to scan it. Apparently I’m a coupon.”
    You da man, tattoo artist.

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