22 Smartasses Caught in the Wild

These people all think they are SO clever… [via 22words]

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  1. I hate that last one and how fake it is.

    What class could that test POSSIBLY be for? There’s history, social studies, home ec, science, and really basic math questions on there.

    What are you supposed to answer for those questions if the goal isn’t to be creative or clever? Like #8 – what the hell else are you supposed to say a red stone thrown into the Blue Sea will become? It sure won’t become purple. Maybe the correct answer is “Why is Blue Sea capitalized like that, there’s no such sea named Blue Sea”?

    What teacher signs the tests after grading them?

    None of the questions are marked wrong, and why does it just say “F” rather than 0/13 or whatever?

    Napoleon didn’t die in battle, so I understand why that one’s wrong, at least.

    Just, there’s no way to answer this test without either being really clever/snarky or going all “mathematician’s answer” on it, and WHAT CLASS IS THIS TEST FOR??

    1. I was going to say the same thing. The questions are far too random to be a real quiz (or the quiz was always intended to inspire “creative” answers). It would have been clever on its own rather than to pass it off as some sharp-witted student trying to pull one over on their stodgy ol’ teacher.

    2. I once had a teacher give a test like as an extra credit test. but it was more of a true or false test where there were random goofy facts and you had to correct the false ones to be correct.

      As far as the signature, a lot of teachers in my high school had a rule that your parent had to sign failed tests.
      But I did just notice that it says pretest, so maybe it’s just a fun practice test for giving detailed answers? Idk, I’m not going to waste too much time pondering it.

    3. “What looks like half an apple?”

      Yeah I cringe every time I see this picture, its inteded exactly to be answered like that.

    4. I actually had teachers that signed tests after grading them. It was weird. Like they thought we would forget who they were.

    5. Yeah, kind of disappointing. The kid is clever but not *that* clever.

      1) I’ve seen grammatical errors on tests before, but not that many. A teacher did not write that test.

      2) Both the “teacher” and the kid capitalize words really randomly, which would be a very weird coincidence if they weren’t the same person (but they are).

      2) The kid’s writing and the “A+ for creativity” are the same handwriting. The “A+ for creativity” just looks like they tried to write it more carefully so it’s not a scrawl.

    6. Yup. Also:

      1) Too many grammatical errors. A teacher definitely didn’t write that test.
      2) Both the “teacher” and the kid capitalize things super randomly, which would be a weird coincidence if they weren’t the same person (but they are).
      3) The kid’s writing and the “A+ for creativity” are the same handwriting; the latter is just written more carefully.

      They are cute riddles though, and the kid is pretty clever.

      1. Oops, just double posted because I thought my comment disappeared due to my email being invalid or something. My bad! But what the heck is up with the crazy time stamps???

        Also, I need to stop procrastinating at work…

      2. Read it carefully. This is from India or – less likely – Pakistan. No other country would ask about the river Ravi, which flows through both countries. Also, the punctuation, topic comment constructions, etc. are pretty similar to regular Hindi rules.

        This is probably an English as a Second Language test. The teacher probably speaks English as a Second Language, because native speakers are hard to come by in India, and not many schools can afford to pay a salary that a Brit, American, etc. would accept.

    1. Within a few days, there were dozens of Bills. Bill Nye was included. This was in Portland, Oregon about 5 years ago, before the world hated Cosby.

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