15 Better Names for Dog Breeds

The renamed dog breeds all seem a little more accurate. See more on College Humor

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  1. I’m very saddened by the lack of beagles. I can’t think of a different funny name for them at the moment, because cuddle monkey isn’t really a good description of them and is just what I call my beagle sometimes… beagles are great though.

  2. Interesting enough, sharpeis kick the shit out of pitbulls.

    We had a sharpei and a pit and the sharpei was a major asshole that fucked with the pit non-stop.

    They went at it again and again, but the sharpei always won.

    The problem was the pit would grab onto the sharpei and attempt to thrash it around, but the sharpei’s skin let it just turn around and tear into the pit.

    Well, eventually that sharpei snapped at a kid and we decided that we tried all we could and that there was just something mentally wrong with it and had it put down.

    Fucking shame.

      1. No, some dogs ARE chemically imbalanced and need to get the fuck out of the gene pool.

        You do understand that dogs are a product of removing unwanted genes over time, right?

        1. Shapeis were bred wrinkly for that exact reason- they were fighting dogs just like the pit the wrinkly skin made is hard for dogs to get a proper bite in. I generally agree that its the owner and not the dog, but when dogs are historically bred for fighting you have to expect they might be mean. i’ve been a dog walker for many years and i have never met a nice sharpei! Not saying the don’t exist, that’s just my experience. Also if any dogs ever kicked off it was ALWAYS the staffies. i know its sad but i kind of agree with banning certain breeds. is it worth the risk?

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