21 Ridiculous Knockoff Costumes That Aren’t Fooling Anyone

Thanks to unfortunate legal reasons, all of these popular Halloween characters have been renamed… [via smosh]


13 responses to 21 Ridiculous Knockoff Costumes That Aren’t Fooling Anyone

  1. Deluxe Night Killer Adult Costume.

    “Package includes: shirt.”

    Trademarked or otherwise, that isn’t a costume. What person in their right mind would purchase this, especially considering that it comes in a non-specific size that will probably require altering, looks to be the wrong color, and apparently isn’t a sweater? If you can’t find a red and green striped sweater, you’d still be better off just getting an ordinary shirt and drawing stripes onto it with a marker.

    God damn it, capitalism…

  2. My friend and his wife are going as Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. The wig he bought to play Trump was called “Mr. Billionaire wig”.

    1. Oh joy, your friends are going out drinking at bars dressed as political flame war bait.

      Make sure your friends know that all the bar tenders and bouncers hate them.

  3. That Spirit costume company has no shame.

    I saw a “Stinky Mexican” costume from them that was a poncho, a sunbrero, and a bottle of tequila.

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