18 Examples of Redneck Engineering

All of these engineering feats work, but just barely…

20 responses to 18 Examples of Redneck Engineering

  1. Some of these are actually genius. Some of these are complete fails and should not be found on this page. The vacuum one is just a guy being lazy, and nothing to do with anything even remotely engineering.

    1. If he’s in an apartment or something he may not have access to that patio. There are some places that some apartments get to have private patios they just pay more rent… but honestly it’s hard to tell because I wouldn’t pay extra money to live in that place…. plus I’m honestly not sure if that’s even a patio.

  2. I like the idea of the old monitors as planters, it’d be a good idea for one of those independent computer fix-it shoppes.

  3. Park bench, the toilet (immediately after the bench) and the handicapped spot aren’t redneck engineering, just real half assed…

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