21 Things That Inadvertently Look Like Hitler

These unfortunate things all have an unfortunate resemblance to Adolf Hitler… [via S&U]

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  1. Those poor houses, dogs, masks, cats, goldfish, kettles, cars, hiking boots, pause symbols, bins, doors, logos, beatles, kneecaps, pansies, switches, plastic containers, and satellite dishes!

    1. It kind of looks like a messy fermata to me. A fermata means that you hold the note just a little longer than what’s written. Like when people sing “The Star-Spangled Banner” and hold on “laaand of the freeeeeee” there’s a fermata on free.

    2. I thought of this after I posted, but when you look at a normal one it kind of looks the birds-eye view of a person going in for a hug. So in the choir I was in we’d always say, “Hold me, I’m a fermata!” And then you would run because the entire choir would hug attack you.

  2. I think it’s bullshit that everyone was using the swastika and lots of people had the Chaplin mustache, but now suddenly it’s off limits.

    Thanks Hitler!

  3. Most of these are a massive stretch and need the power of suggestion to even remotely resemble Hitler. This crap is only amusing to Americans whose knowledge of history is only ww2 and their own civil history. Otherwise its boring as shit.

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