This Cat is Dressing Up in Tons of Costumes for Halloween

Happy Halloween! This is Willow the Squishy Cat. She was rescued from a hoarder’s house and now lives as a lone kitty in her new home. She’s been dressing up all October. Follow her on Instagram for more. [via huffpo]

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    1. How I feel about Grumpy Cat when she gets dragged everywhere for promos and meet and greets etc. Let the cat stay home and be a cat. You make enough money on merchandise and that awful movie.

  1. Some cats actually enjoy being dressed up. I’m not saying that Willow is necessarily one of them… But yeah. The thing about cats is that if they don’t want to do something, they’re good at making that clear. I doubt my cats would tolerate a bow, let alone a full costume. But I’ve met cats that are completely laid back and don’t care what you do. In fact, some even love the attention. Bottom line… If your cat doesn’t like something… Don’t do it. But it’s also not accurate to assume that every cat (or other animal) you see dressed up online is suffering some sort of abuse. Only an owner knows the personality of their pet and what the animal will or won’t tolerate/enjoy.

    Sorry… I didn’t mean to get on a soapbox. It’s just we’re going to be seeing lots of pet costumes today, I’m sure… And it frustrates me when people automatically assume an animal being mistreated when they don’t know the individual situation.

      1. Some cats actually do enjoy it. My brother jokingly got me a dinosaur costume for my cat and I never made her wear it. However my cat would go over to the costume and stick her head in it trying to wear it. I let her wear it whenever she wants now because every time she wears it she purrs happily 🙂

    1. Not always. My cat is a rescue and he is not remotely subject to any type of torture. He’s allowed to roam inside and do whatever he wants.

  2. Although I can only see their hands in the picture I can tell that the owner I can already tell that I would avoid talking with them.

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