18 of the Most Useless Things Ever Created

These worthless things are all completely worthless… [via S&U]

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  1. Picture #4 is a loading/unloading dock. You back a truck up to the part where the steps are and then unload the truck with a dolly (or whatever) and walk the freight down the ramp.

      1. So you don’t fall off onto the ramp when you have stuff on the dolly? It’s difficult to say, really, as the photo is cropped to where there is not any context. For all “I” know, it could be weirdly placed next to a building that would make this notion completely implausible. Just a thought! 🙂

    1. 1) Wouldn’t need steps then.
      2) those are sidewalk pavers they would crack under the weight of a trucks back axle.
      .so, no.

    2. While I get what you mean, that doesn’t make sense. Most trucks have ramps they can use to unload product, and if you have a loading dock you’d put it so it went right to a door, not walk 5 feet, turn around and go back to go down a ramp. If that’s what it was indeed built for, it was a waste of time and resources

  2. Well the Youtube book has QR codes so it’s only useless if you don’t have a mobile device with a rear-facing camera.

    Otherwise it’s only half-useless.

  3. Crying in Spanish is a lot like crying in English. Only when you cry in Spanish a tall swarthy man slaps you in the face then kisses you passionately.

  4. Water Zero. The name implies there are zero calories, like most water. But, in fact it has 300 calories per serving. The zero on the label refers to the amount of water in it, which is zero. If you want zero calorie water, dry Diet Zero Water Light. It has only 60 calories.

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