Shots Of People Before and After Being Told They’re Beautiful

Travel photographer Mehmet Genç gives us the gift of these photos he’s taken from around the world… [via incredible things]

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    1. I was guessing it’s one of those things people use for either sunscreen or cultural purposes. Ones I’ve seen used as skin protection have varied in color, so that made the most sense to me

  1. I enjoy the sillies and the laughs from this site. But once in a while you get this. I love this. I appreciate the culture you cultivate here.

  2. I’m not really sure if they’re being told other things before “You’re beautiful,” because if you, even someone trustworthy, takes me to the side casually and say that to me, I would have a rather confused look on my face.

      1. Humans have an innate desire for interaction and for being acknowledged. If someone said that to you and you weren’t aware why, your ego would be all over it… it’s automatic.

  3. I expect it’s more like someone asks “May I take your picture?,” then after the first picture is taken the photographer (or the translator) says something like “You are really beautiful.” That would explain why so many of them look bashful.

  4. Yeah, yeah, yeah…

    You’re beautiful, she’s beautiful, he’s beautiful, I’m beautiful, everyone’s so fucking beautiful.

    Oh, wait…

    That’s not possible.

    Either you’re talking about looks. In which case, no, a lot of these people are NOT beautiful.

    Or what’s on the inside. In which case, no, you don’t fucking know a thing about them.

    This world is full of horrible people who, to be completely honest, the world would be a lot better without. People get WAY too much credit for having functioning reproductive organs.

    Human life is WAY over valued and we extend WAY too much courtesy to a world full of rapists, child molesters, bullies, abusers, sexists, racists, homophobes, genociders, war criminals, and general scum.

    The entire world is over populated, poisoned, stripped of its resources, and in constant conflict that stops us from ever getting anywhere. There’s a door closing on us ever getting off this rock and about 3 billion people helping to push it shut.

    If there was a button that would indiscriminately kill of 1/2 of the living population, I’d push it twice.

    1. “The glass isn’t even half empty, man. It’s a wasteful, ugly, hateful, abusive construct with no redeeming qualities. It’s ALL empty.”

      Serious question: Is the life you live worth it? I’m not asking to suggest it isn’t, but I’m interested in knowing why, despite your presumptively cynical and nihilistic worldview, you keep at it.

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