15 Hilarious Quotes Found in Online Fanfiction

There is a thriving community of fanfiction writers that create their own stories based around recognizable fiction characters. The Twitter account Fanfiction_txt documents the best ones…

16 responses to 15 Hilarious Quotes Found in Online Fanfiction

    1. It’s an “I’m a special snowflake” thing. People invent something else to believe that they are, like deep down, in their soul, they’re actually a dragon, or a star, or a fucking chicken fetus — literally anything they imagine, so they can be a super-special one-of-a-kind being. It’s actually a severe mental illness, quite prevalent in the Tumblr crowd. Research “otherkin” if you truly want to give up on the future of humanity.

    2. “Furries, misc.” (believing you are some sort of non-animal stuck in a human body, if I understand it right.)

    3. No, not a furry thing. Furries are humans who enjoy dressing up and acting like an animal. Otherkins are imaginary, supernatural beings…. like werewolves or vampires. No one actually believes they are them.

    4. Hi, I’m furry trash and would like to say it’s an idiot thing. There are some furries that cross over into the otherkin crowd, though.

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