Funny Pic Dump (11.4.16)


amateur hour

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  1. The doggy bathroom isn’t so strange and is actually helpful. I’m assuming it’s in an airport, where you can’t exactly take your dog out for a pee because you can’t leave and there could be a long time between flights. Otherwise, your pet is using its crate as a bathroom.

    1. With an open shower stall in the corner? That’d be quite the airport bathroom! I agree it could be convenient, though!

      1. Looking closer, I don’t think that’s a shower stall… at least, not for humans. It’s awfully small. I think it’s for giving your dog a quick bath, particularly if you didn’t get to the ‘Pet Relief’ area in time.

        I could be wrong, but that’s what it looks like to me.

        1. I was going to say I’ve seen shower stalls that small in hospitals. But there doesn’t seem to be any plumbing in it. Weird.

  2. Can anyone make out the license plate on #22 (the car with the porch lights)? I have the feeling I’m missing out on something…

    1. You know, not all locations have the same water needs, right?

      I know this is hard to take, but not everywhere is Southern California.

      I’ll leave you to manage the shock I’m sure you must be in.

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