I Left Some Fake Zoo Events at the Dallas Zoo

These events for the Dallas Zoo have sadly been canceled… [via obvious plant]

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15 responses to I Left Some Fake Zoo Events at the Dallas Zoo

  1. Now … you see Jeff, this … this is why people hate you. You f*ck shit up, think it’s funny, and then other people have to clean up your mess.

    1. Lightly taped signs, eight of them no less, are certainly going to be difficult to clean up. Get one of those crime scene clean-up companies pronto.

    2. It’s called having fun? And the whole “clean up your mess” thing amounts to taking down a few pieces of paper. Get the telephone pole out of your ass, anon.

        1. I work reception at a doctor’s office, and I’ll have you know that one day – with very, very little sleep – I needed to call a patient named Aaron back to a room and I honest to God just walked out into the waiting room and called for A-A-Ron. We all had a huge laugh about it, and it’s something I’d forgotten until just now. Thank you.

  2. People who work at a freaking zoo clean up a lot worse than a few pieces of paper — and a lot of people probably got a laugh out of it, including kids. So save your worry for real problems.

  3. Meerkats would be awesome in a tiny top hat! Also, I would love to see someone attempt to put a hat on a lion or wolverine.

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